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Quarantine Worthy Toys

Now that we're quarantined and I actually have the time to sit down and play with my boys, I've started to pick up on which toys they actually play with in our playroom.  I like to call these our quarantine worthy toys, the ones that I highly recommend for your playroom too.

Pattern Play Color by Design

I'm a huge fan of toys that teach, this is great for understanding symmetry, matching, and sorting. One puzzle includes 40 brightly colored wooden blocks with 40 pattern cards to recreate.  You can also have the ability to create and build patterns on your own.

Play Mags

I was always hesitant to buy these because of the price...but if you asked me what the boys favorite toy was, it's play mags without a doubt.  They build houses, parking garages, space ships, airplanes and so much more.  For holidays and birthdays I buy expansion packs, which helps with not having to invest all your money at once.  This set I linked is a great starter and I promise you won't be disappointed.

Chickapiglets Game

From the creators of Chickapig, Chickapiglets was created with younger kids in mind.  For ages 4+ this memory like game can be played collaboratively as one team which in my competitive household is a TOTAL WIN!  Plus its a great introduction to team work.

Plus Plus Big

Another great learning toy, use for counting, sorting, and building both 2D and 3D designs. Great for a wide range of ages 1-10 and come in a variety of color combinations.  A perfect toy to take on the go.

They also come in a mini version that you can see here in the bottom right.

Plus Plus Mini 

These lego size plus plus blocks are great for lay flat mosaics so many 3D designs.  One shape and endless possibilities.

Trouble Game

This childhood classic is just as fun as it was when we were kids and it's a great one for the whole family to play.  I'm also a fan of a game that doesn't take half a day to finish and it's only $8, saw what??? 

Folding Kinetic Sand Box

If you haven't yet discovered this incredible mess free sand, now you have.  We love this fold up container that keeps it all in one box.  I promise you will have just as much fun playing with it as your kids.  I do recommend buying an extra bag of sand if you go with this box as it doesn't come with a lot.  Below is a link for extra kinetic sand

Kinetic Sand

Just remember, YOU WILL SURVIVE this quarantine, and hopefully these toys may help you keep your sanity.


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