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Toddler Sleep Must Haves When Traveling

I think one of the hardest parts about traveling with the four boys is sleeping arrangements.  There are times when we have all been stuck in one room, and other times where we have an option to put the toddler and baby in a different space so they can nap easier.  Whatever the situation is we figure it out, and there's obviously some helpful tools to making sure the smallest ones in the fam actually get a good nights sleep.

Here are my must haves for getting your infants and toddlers to sleep through the night on your next trip...

1.  The Portable Crib

I'm not going to waist time giving you different options because there is only one I love.  I used with all four boys over an 8 year span and it still works great.  Weighing only 11 pounds it's super easy to carry and can be opened easily in one move.  I also like it because yes I can actually get in it and lie with my child, because yes it's come to that some nights.  


2.  The Travel Sound Machine

It's small it's compact, you can slip into your carry on or clip it on to your stroller.  This sound machine can go absolutely everywhere with you. It has 3 soothing sounds, choose from bright white noise, deep white noise, or gentle surf.  Charges by USB and can go an entire night on one charge.



3. The Crib Tent for Portable Cribs

If you have a toddler that can crawl out of the pack n play you need THIS!  I have this exact brand of crib tent on my crib at home and it works great.  Easy to install and pops right open when you pull it out of it's storage bag.  I highly recommend this, especially if your at a place near water, or for the lucky ones out on a yacht, this keeps your toddler from escaping and going places they shouldn't.


 4. Packable Black Out Curtains

Yes, they exist! And they are not just for kids.  I even use them at home in rooms where my curtains still let in a lot of light during nap time.  This fold up black out curtain has suction cups all along the edges that attach to pretty much any window leaving the room, YES, COMPLETLY BLACK. 




And because I always think optionally is are a few more items that will help that toddler of yours sleep in a new environment.


Happy traveling....You've got this Mama!

Kelly Ray

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