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The Best Travel Car Seats

I've tried just about everything when it comes to flying with car seats.  I've tried buying cheap light weight ones so it didn't matter if they got destroyed.  I've tried traveling with our super heavy everyday ones which just made it extremely difficult to carry along with my luggage to the car.  And then one day I decided to finally invest in car seats made for travel and they were life changing.

Things you should know when traveling with kids still in car seats...

1.  If you're renting a car most rental car companies have the option to rent car seats. If you don't want to haul them with you this is the way to go.

2.  If you've hired a private car company to pick you up from the airport, you usually can request a car seat, that's not always an option, but worth asking.

3.  If you're flying you can check car seats and strollers for free.  I think even the super budget airlines don't even charge you.  So if you want to bring the car seats with you, you can check them when you check your luggage.  I highly recommend putting them in some sort of protective bag, because as we all know, airlines don't give a crap about your personal belongings.  Here is the bag I use, Car Seat Travel Bag

4. You can carry a car seat onto the plane.  Power to you this is not an option I have chosen in the past because the last thing I need is more things to carry in the airport with four kids.  However, I've recently started to reconsider because for one car seats make it easier for toddlers to sleep mid flight and two it keeps the squirmy ones contained in one place.  I'll let you know if I ever decide to do it.  There are lots of helpful products though if you do consider hauling your car seat through the airport.


Car Seat Travel Belt               Car Seat Trolley

5. Car seats are NOT REQUIRED for children of any age on an airplane and all children 2 and under can fly sitting in your lap, meaning you don't have to buy them thier own seat.  If you have a child who can not sit on their own yet and you buy them a seat, you can hold them for take off and landing.

And now moving on to the important part...

The Best Travel Car Seats

The Inflatable Booster

The inflatable booster has proven to be the best when it comes to travel.  Blows up in just a few easy breaths, roughly about 20 seconds.  Deflates easily, slides into a bag which can easily be packed and weighs basically nothing.

Inflatable travel Booster 


The Lightweight Compact Foldable Car Seat by Way B

It's mind blowing but there is really only one car seat for toddlers on the market made for travel and it's the Way B.  Yes it’s expensive, but worth every penny.  This easy to install compact, foldable, lightweight (ONLY 8 POUNDS) forward facing car seat has gone with us everywhere.  Made for kids 22-50 pounds and 30-45 inches tall it’s a great option for your toddlers 2 and up.  I highly recommend buying the carrier bag especially if it’s one you plan to check or carry through the airport.




The Doona...Stroller and Infant Car Seat in One

This just made traveling with an infant so much easier, the Doona is a rear facing infant car seat. I remember the days trying to juggle holding my infant while detaching the infant car seat from the stroller and having to then fold the stroller down at the bottom of the jet bridge.  Not to mention trying to get it in one of those gate check protective bags.  This is going to blow your mind but you can fold this stroller down to a car seat with your babe still in it.  It’s just FREAKING BRILLIANT!  



Hopefully this answers some questions and gives you a little bit more confidence when you hop on your next flight.



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