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Ski Wardrobe Renovation

I usually try to update my ski wardrobe in pieces, mostly for economical reasons, but this year it was time for a total overhaul.  I've got two rules for ski gear 1. It must keep me warm and 2. Fit is everything on the slopes, because movement is key.  


After quite a bit of trial and error with fleeces, puffers and multiple base layers, I've finally found the winning combo of warmth on the coldest of days.  In 0 to 15 degree temps a solid base layer, wool blend sweater and my new Rossignol Yakima Puffer were everything I needed to survive the frigid Montana temps.  Since I'm now obsessed with the ski sweater, I've linked some of my favorites below.


It all starts with the base layer, it seriously is the foundation of warmth, so don't cheap out here.  Merino wool is the most commonly used based layer fabric, it creates the best insulation along with moisture wicking properties.  Warm and dry are my happy words when it comes to base layers. I've linked all my current faves.  

Merino Wool Top Picks

Top Picks in Moisture Wicking Base Layers

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