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How To Protect Yourself From Spit Up

All three of my babies we're professional regurgitators (not a word but you get the gist).  I spent the first year of their lives covered in a beautiful white film of dried spit up.  I would love to tell you there is some secret formula that will change everything or a method of feeding that will prevent any future spit up, but there's not, so all we can do is protect ourselves...

In my quest to do less laundry I have found some products along the way that are best for protecting yourself and baby so you won't have to do 20 outfit changes a day.  

1.  Protect the baby first...Bib, bibs, and more bibs.  You need to look for ones that absorb, otherwise it's going to flow straight down the bib onto the pants.  Muslin has proven again and again to be the most absorbent, so here are my top picks in that categroy...


Aden and Anais Set of 2 Bandana Bibs


Aden and Anais Perfectly Chambray Bandana Bib


Little Unicorn Snap Bib

Bebe au Lait Bandana Cactus Bib


2.  Protect the carseat...There is nothing more time consuming than having to take apart a car seat to clean it.  Want to save time and energy?  Protect the seat with these three products below...

Strap Covers...I've tried quite a few, but Aden and Anais has come through again as the best in absorbency

Aden and Anais Car Seat Strap Covers

The Piddle Paddle, not only is this great protection against blow outs, it also protects against that spit up that somehow makes it way down to the bottom of the seat.

The Piddle Paddle Car Seat Liner

The snap burp cloth bib...can be used as both a burp cloth and has a single snap to turn it into a bib.  I always throw one on one of these once I've strapped the babe in the carseat.  Great all around protection.

Aden and Anais Snap Burp Bib


3.  Changing Pad Liners...I use these everywhere, not just the changing pad.  Great for the Dock a Tot, baby swing, Bobby Lounger, bassinet, and so on, because you really never know when spit up just might strike.

Munckin Changing Pad Liners  

If your looking for something a little bit larger and thicker I love the ones by Blue Snail, they are also super soft.

Blue Snail Changing Pad Liners

 4.  Protect yourself...Burp cloths and muslin swaddle blankets are your best friend.  I prefer the swaddle blankets for maximum coverage but burp cloths come in handy for the over the shoulder burp.

 Love the Little Unicorn Burp Cloths for their shape and maximum shoulder coverage...

Little Unicorn Striped Burp Cloth

The prints I'm currently loving in muslin swaddle blankets, it's hard to go wrong here, but I do have a few favorite brands...Little Unicorn, Aden and Anais, Lou Lou Lollipop, and Bebe eu Lait

Little Unicorn Berry Prints Set of 3


Little Unicorn Beachy Print Swaddle Set of 3

Aden and Anais Serengetti Print


Lou Lou Lollipop Mud Cloth Print

If you're reading this because you are currently victim to the spit up, I feel ya girl, and I promise you'll be out of this phase before you know it!  Happy Mommin!

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