Playroom Storage Essentials

Now that we're pregnant with surprise baby #4 all I can think about is the insane amount of toys that are going to be strewn around the house.  Thought I might share my current faves for keeping things organized.

I swear by the cube storage shelves, especially in playrooms.  They allow for a wide variety of storage options.   Plus if you get sick of one style of baskets you can easily update with new ones.  


The 8 Cube Storage Shelf


4 Cube Storage Shelf

I think we have at least 4 of these in the house.  They are great for not just toys but as a book shelf and great thing is they are only $50.  


White Storage Bins with Lid (3 sizes)

I swear by these storage bins.  They come in three sizes and are helpful when it comes to giving each toy thier own bin instead of throwing a bunch of toys in one big bin.


I also am a fan of these black woven plastic bins, and are only $8 a pop

Black Y Weave Bin $8

These indestructible zipper pouches are awesome for storing games, puzzles, and toys with small parts. They come in three sizes and are great for saving space.

Vinyl Zipper Pouches


Last but not least, hot wheel storage.  I found these bins at Hobby Lobby not to long ago and one double sided box will hold 48 hot wheels....SCORE!  Having the kids arrange them by color is also a very satisfying organizing project.  

Hot Wheels/Craft Storage Bin


Happy Organizing!


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