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Newborn Nursing Essentials



Breastfeeding ain't easy anything that might make it a little more bearable for you, I'm here to share.  Here are a few of my faves that are essential to all those newborn nursing mamas! 

I have owned and tested all of these and they continue to be my favorites 3 boys out.

1.  The Nursing Pillow...My Brest Friend


2.  The Nursing Tee...Hatch Striped Top

The top that's made before during and after pregnancy...and it's perfect for sliding a baby under to nurse



3. Milk Savers...The Haakaa and Milkies

You would not believe how much milk will leak out from your opposite side breast when you are nursing.  I didn't believe it until I started collecting it.  The Haaka and Milkie are perfect for helping you get every last drop.

The Haaka is great when your at home and at night when you may not be wearing a bra.  The haaka has a pretty great suction and will stay on without having to hold.  If you choose the Milkie you will need to be wearing a bra, which it so easily slips into.  Either way you go, I LOVE them both.

The Haakaa




4.  The Nursing Cover...Milk Snob

I'm a huge fan of the nursing covers with more than one purpose.  These stretchy cotton covers from Milk Snob not only serve as a nursing cover, but a car seat canopy and grocery cart cover as well. 



 5. Lansinoh Soothies Cooling Gel Pads

These are a must for sore nipples, they are totally reusable and all you have to do is peel and stick for instant relief.


6.  Leakage Protectors...Bamboobies

YES!  Your boobs are going to leak when you're not nursing.  Whether you're engorged, you hear a baby crying, or who knows what might set them off you need protection.  These Bamboobies reusable/washable inserts do the trick.  Trust me, the giant wet spot on your top is not an attractive look.


7.  Soothing sore and engorged Breast...Lil Buds

Seriously love these hot and cold packs that will slip right into your bra.  You can freeze them or heat them up in the microwave.  Either way they are ridiculously comforting to sore breasts.  Plus they come in so many fun prints.


I hope this helps in making it a little bit easier.  Keep at it Mama...YOU GOT THIS!




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