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Mom Hacks...How to Keep Your White Sole Shoes Looking White

If your kids are anything like mine they can destroy a brand new pair of shoes in less than an hour.  And since I'm not really into the Golden Goose destroyed sole look, I'm sharing some super cheap and easy at home remedies to freshen up those tired shoe soles.  I've tested them all so it's really up to you which one you choose.

Here is our test subject, whose only been worn a few times, but looks like a hand me down already...


Remedy 1: Toothpaste and Brush

Based on experience I find this to be the most effective.  If you have an old toothbrush laying around that's great, but I also like to use a little more force so I've linked the brush I use to really get in to all the crevasses.  As for the toothpaste type it can really be anything, I prefer the extra whitening versions with peroxide.  They really do the trick.

Here's our test subject post cleanse, which was pretty effective.  This oxo brush is great to have around the house for all sorts of scrubbing projects.  It's linked below.

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Remedy 2: Magic Eraser

I'm not going to lie the amount of uses for a magic eraser is pretty incredible.  Did you know it can help with a spray tan gone wrong too??  I used the eraser on the other half of our test subject and got good results but not as great as the toothpaste.  With shoe soles you really need something with a strong bristle to wipe away the dirt, but if you need a quick fix without really having to get your whole shoe wet, magic eraser is the way to go.

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You can still see a little dirt but still an overall success.


Remedy 3: Shout Wipes

This is actually what they recommend to use at the Nike store.  Not only can you use on the fabric portion of your shoe but also works great on the sole.  Very handy for when your running out the door but want a quick freshen up on your shoe.  I use them on all my light colored tennis shoes, they work wonders.

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Remedy 4: Baking Soda and Laundry Detergent

If you wanted to add a few more steps to the process another great way to clean the soles is one part baking soda to one part detergent.  Simply mix then scrub.  I like to do this when they previous three methods are not working.  Depending on the shoe this can also be helpful if you need to scrub the fabric portion of the sole.

Remedy 5: Nail Polish Remover

Now this would not be the first choice for the natural remedy folks but when it comes to stubborn scuffs nail polish remover may be your only option.  I rarely use this method because girl, no way do I want to mess up my $40 manicure. So pop on some gloves before you scrub.

Remedy 6: Soak in Dish Detergent

Dish detergent is not just for dishes!  Grab your self a deep baking pan fill with water and dish soap and let those little guys sit and soak for a bit.  Once they soak for a bit you can start scrubbing.


Thanks for reading everyone!  I would love to know if you have any tips??? Feel free to comment below. 



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