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Like Father Like Son...Give the Gift of Twinning

Since twinning seems to be all the rage these days, why not get your husband something he can twin with his son in.  Here are some of our favorite brands that nailed the art of matching, and will be the perfect Father's Day Gifts.


Swim Trunks: Tom and Teddy

This brand solely makes swim trunks for men and boys, they come in a wide range of graphic prints and colors but these palm leaves are definitely my faves.

  Shop These Styles... Men's Palm Leaf Swim Trunk // Boys Palm Leaf Swim Trunk


 Water Shoes: Sea Star Beach Wear

I'm totally in love with these secretly water proof neoprene espadrilles.  Perfect for the beach, the pool, or even a summer float trip if that's your thing.  We've linked there best seller in Navy, your kids are going to love their matching pair too. 

Shop This Style... Men's Espadrille



Shop This Style... Boys Espadrille




The Button Down: Finn Wear

A local California brand that specializes in matching printed button downs for Dads and their boys.

Shop All Prints... Finn Wear



Socks: Pair of Thieves

These ridiculously fun Dad and kid sock pairs are absolutely perfect for a cheap and cheerful twinsie gift.



Shop All Prints... Pair of Thieves Twinsies


 The Sneaker: Vans

Not just for Dad's and their sons, this classic west coast sneaker comes in a ridiculous amount matching prints and solids.  Mom and daughters can twin too. Here are my top picks...

Shop These Styles...Dad's Classic Sneaker // Toddler Classic Sneaker


Shop These Styles...Dad's Classic Checkerboard Slip On // Toddler Classic Checkerboard Slip On



The Hoodie: Aviator Nation

One of the softest hoodies you will ever own, so soft your kids won't complain when you ask them to put it on.  I know you mamas might end up wearing it more than your hubby.



Shop these Styles...Dad Five Stripe Hoodie // Boys Five Stipe Hoodie


Happy TWINNING Ya'll!



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