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Keeping Baby Cozy

Babies don't like to be cold, it's as simple as that.  Shop our top picks for keeping that babe of yours happy during these frigid months. 



Shop these items below...


1.  The Leopard Sleep Sack $39.99

Nothing cuter than a baby in leopard


2.  Baby Beanie $7.99


3.  The Stroller Puffer $190

Own this, and love it! The puffer sits right in the stroller and allows you to pull the harness straps through the back so your baby stays secure and super warm.  Available in 8 colors too.


4.  Fur Booties $9.99

The fuzziest fur booties that stay on your babies feet, thanks to the super secure velcro strap.  Plus the price just can't be beat.

5.  Knitted Jumper with Fur Hood $24

If this isn't instagram worthy, I don't know what is!


6.  Zalamoon Baby Luxie $39.99

Hands down my favorite baby blankets of all time.  Love these luxe lovies that even have a snap for your little ones pacifier.  Available in 4 other colors too.

7.  Leopard Snow Suit $28

At that price this baby is going to sell out quick, no time to waste.


And here are a few extra warm and cozies...

The Carseat Cocoon

Slips right over the babies carseat, perfect if you use car seat on the stroller, or are constantly transferring it in and out of the car.


Patagonia Retro Jacket $79

Yes, I totally want one for myself

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