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How to Get Your Toddlers to Smile for Photos

Capturing a genuine beaming smile on camera from my two toddler boys isn't the easiest task.  It's been a long journey of trial and error to find the methods that really work, but I have found a few that will help capture a beautiful smile with out looking forced.  And remember,  holding down the burst button (on your iphone) is essential for capturing at least one great smile.  Sometimes it takes 20 photos for the "ONE". 

1.  Tell them to "laugh out loud", it's much more effective than telling them to smile.  The act of laughing out loud usually turns into real giggles.  You will for sure  capture a great one if you hold down the burst button on your iphone.

2.  Have a staring contest.  This is great for getting my four year old to smile, the two year old is slightly confused by the rules.  And in case you forgot what a staring contest is, you stare into someone's eyes and the first one to blink loses.  I typically hold up my phone ready for a burst photo and have a staring contest with them just to the side of my phone. In just a few seconds my son is usually all giggles.  Smile captured!

3.  Invest in a whoopee cushion, no matter how old you are the fart noise never gets old.  A jack in the box has a similar effect, the surprise will always make you smile.  You can quickly shop those items here: Whoopee Cushion , Jack n the Box

4. Tell them a joke, and be ready with the camera as soon as you deliver the punch line.

Here are a few of my favorites...

Q: What do cows do for entertainment?                                                               A: They go to the moooooovies

Q: Why do giraffes have such long necks?                                                             A: Because their feet are smelly

Q: What do you call a train that sneezes?                                                               A: A Choo Choo train

5. Bribery, some of you may not believe in this method but a gummy for a snap shot usually changes the mood to happy in my house.  However, it sometimes back fires and only leaves them crying for more gummies.  It's a risk you sometimes have to take.   

I would love to know how you get your kids to smile, I'm always looking for new ways?  Leave your comments below!

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