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Gift Ideas for Boys

Here's my "Mom of Four Boys" weekly gift ideas I know your kids will love, particularly if they are boys.  Everything from our favorite book series to light up baseballs for back yard catch.  Lots of great gifts to keep your boys active and off those darn screens.

1.  Kids Against Maturity

Ages 10 + / 3 Player Minimum

A fun way to create family time and lots of laughs.  If you've played the adult version "Cards Against Humanity" you know exactly how this game works.  May the best answer win!



2. Spy School Series

Ages 9-12

The 11 book series my 10 year old is obsessing over.  What's it about?  Can an undercover nerd become a superstar agent? Ben Ripley sure hopes so - and his life may depend on it!



3. Flash Catch

Ages 7 +

They can't tell you it's to dark to play catch when they have a light up baseball.



4. Pindaloo

Ages 9 +

Test your juggling skills with this fun game. Whatever your age, you’ll hone your motor skills and improve your hand to eye coordination.  I think Dad enjoyed this more than the boys.



5. Hoverdisc

Ages 6 +

The HoverDisc flies like a Frisbee and floats like a blimp. Its lightweight design makes it easy for children of all ages to toss it, roll it, flip it, bounce it and perform tricks.


And if these still weren't enough, here's a few more ideas below...


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