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Five for Five Year Olds

Since my oldest just recently turned five, that's 1,826 days old if you were wondering, I thought I would share his top 5 favorite gifts.    


The big boy bike was his number one request this year and after doing quite a bit of research we settled on the WOOM, and it's as AWESOME as they say.  Since my kids are on the shorter end of the height chart I needed a smaller bike and WOOM is one of the few brands that makes 14".  The WOOM is also one of the lightest kids bikes you can find, making it super easy to get in and out of the car, and personally I think a lighter bike is better for balance and learning to pedal with out training wheels.  Just a small tidbit of advice I learned from some other moms, SKIP THE TRAINING WHEELS!

***One more thing to note, the bike is ridiculously easy to assemble if you buy online, it took me about 5 minutes



**14" size is best for ages 3 to 4.5 or a height of 37"- 43"
**16" size is best for ages 4.5 to 6 or a height of 41" - 47"



You know the gift was a win when my boys can't stop fighting over whose going to play with it.  The Vtech Kidizoom camera is pretty rad, it has a front cam and a selfie cam.  The functionality is super easy, my five year old figured it out in less than five minutes.  There are tons of fun photo effects and templates and even has an automatic flash.  Oh, and totally boy proof.

** The picture quality isn't the best but my kids could care less about that.



 SHOP NOW VTech Kidizoom Camera


I am so late to the game on this one, but Kinetic Sand is AMAZING!  Mess free for the most part, and clean enough to play with indoors. The touch and feel is just like real sand minus the stick to you part.  You can mold different shapes build mini sand castles and so much more.  We found a mini kinetic sand box on Amazon that folds up and is the perfect first purchase if you haven't owned kinetic sand before.  I highly recommend purchasing some extra bags of kinetic sand if you buy the mini sand box, because what they provide barely fills half the box.  Typical!





SHOP NOW Kinetic Folding Sand Box // Kinetic Sand Tools and Sand



Despite the ridiculous amount of stray silver balls in my living room this was a hit.  Watching marbles travel through pipes, for some reason just doesn't get old.  It's also a great price at just $19.99

SHOP NOW Marbulous Marble Run 



If you have boys and you haven't discovered Bruder then your welcome.  I even want to play with them.  These indestructible, totally real looking and functioning trucks and vehicles are another favorite.  And if you're lucky enough to live in LA the Bruder factory is located in Torrance and has a testing room for kids, all the Bruder Trucks you could possibly imagine.  Here are our top 3 favorties.


 SHOP NOW The Tow Truck 


SHOP NOW The Cement Mixer

SHOP NOW The Trash Truck


Feel free to leave your comments below, do you have a favorite toy I missed???



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