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Easter Baskets That Inspire Creativity

I always find myself stuffing Easter Baskets with candy and cheap things I'm going to throw away in two months, like bouncy balls and rubber sling shots from the dollar section at Target.  This year though, my baskets are going to have purpose.  Activities that are going to entertain while we are all held up at home during this crazy time.  Shop our top picks below...All $25 and under...


Rainbow Pom Pom Basket

Taking a step away from the traditional baskets this year that just take up space in a plastic bin in my garage.  These we will use year round!




D.I.Y. Eraser Kit

Super simple design your own eraser kit with 12 colors to choose from!


Tangram Magnetic Design Kit by Janod

I love these magnetic sets from Janod, they have quite a few different themes.  Here you get to create the design from looking at the card.  Great for ages 3 and up.

Confetti Crayons

It's a party pressed into a crayon.



Peel Away Crayons

Have fun drawing then getting to peel away the paper.


Monster Making Kit

A great everything included kit that allows you to color and build 3 monsters.


Paint Sticks with Sketch Book Set

These Chunkies paint sticks from Ooly are super fun and this set includes two sketch books to paint.

Tattoo-Palooza Temporary Tattoos

Rad doodle art tattoos, the set includes over 50.  If anything it will prevent my three year old from stamping himself with markers and then rubbing it off on my couch,


Color in Your Own Bunny Cape

This Cape from Selfie Clothing Co is really cool...It comes with 7 fabric pens for coloring in the design and one sheet for practice before you actually do the actual coloring.


Color in Your Tee

This one is great for boys...also made by Selfie Clothing like the cape above.  Comes with 7 fabric pens for coloring and a practice sheet.

Create A Race Car

The perfect build and paint set for the younger ones.  Includes paint and stickers to build your race car just how you want.  And it's only $4.99


Paint Your Own Ice Cream Truck

Wooden truck and paint are included

Paint Your Own Ice Cream Cone

Because you always need ice cream to go along with your ice cream truck.


Art Play Activity Book




All natural play dough, perfect for kids who think it's edible.

Paint by Sticker

One of my favorite activity books, just like paint by number but with stickers.

Pocket Games and Color Roll

This on the go coloring set has a multi colored pencil included and will also be great for throwing in their back pack for a plane ride.


Water Wow Books

You fill the tube up with water and start drawing.  The color magically appears with the touch of water and when it drys the color disappears so you can do it all over again.


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