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Feels Like Summer at Target

I'm still under the impression that Spring has just begun and that the boys have at least 3 months left of school before summer.  This is sadly not the case we have three weeks left of school and I have not signed up for a single summer camp.  Where has my mind gone to?  I might as well start channeling summer to get my brain geared towards there and why not start by shopping summer styles at Target.  Read on for our favorite backyard beach party finds.

No one likes warm drinks do they, and I'm pretty sure no one likes storing giant coolers in there house so why not get a blow up cooler from Minnidip.  They are only $19.99 and come is so many fun prints and colors.


SHOP THIS STYLE  Watermelon Minnidip Cooler


And who doesn't love a perfectly mint cooler from igloo, that's pretty much indestructible an perfect for rolling onto the beach.



SHOP THESE STYLES  Igloo Roller Cooler // Igloo Large Cooler


For those of you who have a strong disregard for dishes and prefer a good paper plate, these fruit print babies you'll love with matching watermelon napkins.  Plus they are only $2 for a set of 12.


SHOP THESE STYLES Fruit Paper Plates // Watermelon Napkins


You can never have enough pool floats and Sun Squad has nailed it with tons of instagram worthy floating shapes.

SHOP THIS STYLE Pineapple Float


If you haven't made a stop in Target's jewelry department to check out the Sugarfix Line from Baublebar your missing out!  Who doesn't love a pair of earrings for $12.99


SHOP THESE STYLES Banana Leaf Earrings // Lobster Earrings


And if I had a girl, she would definitely own a pair of these!  At $7.99 you might as well get them in all three colors


SHOP THIS STYLE Baby Girl Moccasins



A door mat that will make you happy every time you step in the door

SHOP THIS STYLE Surfer Car Doormat


Since summer means hauling the kids around to numerous activities your going to need a cute durable bag to lug there stuff around in





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