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Ski Essentials: Best Kids Ski Helmets

Every thing you need to know, from a skier mom of four boys, about buying a ski helmet for your kids this winter.

Why buy a kids helmet verse rent a helmet?

I'd recommend buying a ski helmet for your child if skiing is a regular activity, meaning you take at least one trip a year. This ensures the right fit, comfort, and familiarity. However, if it's a sporadic thing, renting could be cost-effective, but remember they will outgrow clothing much quicker then helmets, as head shape doesn't tend to change drastically.

6 things to consider when buying a kids ski helmet.

1. **Proper Fit:** Ensure that the ski helmet fits snugly on your kids head with still being confirtable. It should sit level on their head and cover the forehead, providing protection without obstructing vision.

2. **Safety Certification:** Look for ski helmets that meet recognized safety standards, such as ASTM F2040 or CE EN1077. Certification ensures that the helmet has undergone testing for impact protection.

3. **Ventilation:** Choose a helmet with ventilation features. Proper ventilation helps regulate temperature, keeping your kids comfortable during various weather conditions on the slopes.

4. **Goggle Compatibility:** Check if the ski helmet is compatible with your mom's ski goggles. A good fit between the helmet and goggles ensures proper coverage and prevents any gaps that could expose the face to cold or impact.  Many kids helmets are sold in sets with both the helmet and google ensuring for a good fit.

5. **Adjustability:** Opt for a helmet with adjustable features like a dial for fine-tuning the fit. Adjustable straps and buckles also contribute to a customized and secure fit, enhancing both comfort and safety.

 6. MIPS Technology: Consider helmets with MIPS technology for added rotational impact protection, enhancing overall safety on the slopes.  This is an extra safety feature, it's additional security but not required.

Here are my top picks for best ski helmets for kids and toddlers...

1.  Smith Optics Glide Jr. MIPS Youth Snow Helmets

The helmet my 7 and 9 year old boys wear this helmet and its great.

  • FIT: Adjustable dial fit for easy, on-the-go size adjustment
  • INTEGRATION: Designed for ultimate integration with Smith goggles 
  • FEATURES: Fixed vents for consistent airflow, Plush, fuzzy lining adds warmth and comfort, tons of color options.

Here are a few more Smith options that are also great helmets...


2. The Best Selling Budget Friendly Kids Helmet

This first one is for toddlers with head a head circumference from 48-56 cm and is under $50.  It is sold both as a helmet alone and a google and helmet set.

  • Meets ASTM F2040 standards.
  • VENTILATION: Moisture-wicking netted mesh cap and 12 air vents provide optimal airflow.
  • ALL-DAY FIT: The ski helmet has soft chin band, detachable super soft fleece interior liners and plush earmuffs add warmth and comfort, ensuring that your kids stay comfortable all day long on the slopes. They can be washed easily, sweat & odor-free.
  • ADJUSTABLE FIT: The toddler ski helmet has an integrated adjustable dial fit system helps customize the right fit and comfort for different head shapes and sizes.

Next we have the youth ski helmet by Outdoor Master, I have included two, one with the Mips safety feature and one with out.  It will substantially change the price of the helmet.






  • COMFORTABLE SAFETY - Ski helmet built for both comfort and safety. Equipped with REINFORCED ABS SHELL & SHOCK-ABSORBING EPS CORE.
  • COLOR OPTIONS- Sleek design available in 22 different color combinations
  • ADJUSTABLE SIZE - Size adjustment dial for a perfect fit. Easy to wash removable ear pads & inner fleece liner.
  • VENTILATION - Equipped with 14 individual vents for next-level ventilation.



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