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DIY Rubber Band Shooters

This one was a hit for sure, particularly with my boys....and to be perfectly honest I was pretty impressed with the power the rubber band shoots off a couple of popsicle sticks.


- Craft Sticks - 4 Wide, two skinny (or three of the 2.5" sticks)

- Rubber Bands

- Hot Glue Gun

- Markers or Paint for decorating your shooter

Step 1

Color or paint the craft sticks for your shooter

Step 2 

Evenly cut the tips off your two wide craft sticks so they are matching, these are going to be the handle.

Cut the first skinnier craft stick in half and then cut another skinny craft stick in half and then another should look like the one on the far right above.



Step 3

Turn on that glue gun...We are now going to start assembling.


Glue the two sticks together, that you cut the tips off, this is your will then take that handle and glue it to the inside of one of your shaft sticks.  See above pic.  Next you will take the skinny glue stick, that you cut in half and then half again, and glue it to the inside of the front shaft.  This is what will hold your rubber band.

You will now glue your second shaft stick over what you just completed.  It should look like the above pic.



Step 4

Adding the trigger...

Glue the skinny craft stick you cut in half together...this is the trigger.  You will then slide it in between the gap in your shaft stick and hold it in place by wrapping around a rubber band.  Your rubber band shooter is now complete!

Grab your rubber bands, stretch them from notch to notch and pull that trigger!




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