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Best Activity Books for Toddlers

Homeschooling has been a real blast these six weeks...looking forward to the day I NEVER have to do it again.  Attempting to teach a kindergartner, with a three year old and 7 month old hanging around poses quite a few challenges.  The most problamatic is the three year old who stands around tempting my poor student with toys and ipads.  Let's just say it's impossible for him to concentrate.  In order to prevent the three year old from becoming an ipad junkie while I teach I have found some pretty rad activity books in the process, so at least it kind of feels like he's learning something.  See my top picks for preschool kids ages 3-5...

1.  My Magical Preschool Workbook 

My Magical Preschool Workbook 

A Preschool learning book that teaches tracing and writing with fun lines, shapes, magical things, and the entire alphabet.


2.  Scissor Skills and Taping Activity Pad 

Scissor Skills Book (Comes with scissors)
 Taping Activity Pad (Comes with four rolls of washi like tape)

Scissor Skills and Taping Activity Pad


3. First Word Activity Sticker Book 

First Word Activity Sticker Book

Packed full of great activities designed to introduce children to their first words and concepts, my three year old was a huge fan of this one.

4.  Dot to Dot for Tiny Tots

Dot to Dot Book

A dry erase tracing book that can be wiped clean after every use. $7.99

5.  My First Learn to Write Workbook 

My First Learn to Write Notebook

Great book for teaching pencil control which is essential for learning to is dot to dot tracing for letters and numbers as well as other fun activities through out the book. $7.00

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