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10 Failproof Gifts for Kids



10 gifts for kids that won't disappoint this holiday season, I know because we own and love them.  

If your kids love to build these two are for you!  Connecting pipes that you can build ridable vehicles with or even a slide.  And the gift that serves kids of all ages Magnetic tiles that are actually race tracks.



After having four boys I like to find toys that help them stay active and these five are great!  The ride on surfer, laser tag at home, a hovering target for shooting, the ribbon ninja game a bit like pulling flags in flag football.  The always popular stomp rocket race car version and last but not least, the kids garmin watch that not only tracks steps, but keeps track of chores and more!




For the creative ones the Kids Toy Box 3D printer does not disappoint, it's super easy for kids to use on their own, and you'll love participating too!



Last but not least a great way to not feel guilty about giving your kids screen time is Osmo, an awesome learning tool that works with the Ipad and other tablet devices. I've linked the sets for each age group.



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Kelly Ray

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